Remove Delta-Homes

Delta Homes Portal Site Removal Guide ( Hijacker Removal) abruptly comes up within your web browser to hijack your homepage and constantly take over your web search? Read this article to figure out how to get rid of Delta Homes Portal Site hijacking and redirects. is a browser hijacker which is designed to promote their search engines, homepage, or other services as well as display ads. It copies Google Style search to provide web, images and videos search. But before that, delta-home search engine needs to collect and stores information about your web browsing habits so they can suggest services or provide advertising. Continue reading

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Remove Tuvaro virus

Tuvaro virus is a completely annoying infection, which causes redirections when browsing on the Internet. It typically takes over all search engines, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Bing, and starts rerouting its victims to In fact, this threat can also be called as browser hijacker, because it has to get inside the system first and then modify some of its settings in order to redirect PC users when they are searching. Continue reading

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Remove Yontoo Pagerage

Yontoo PageRage (can also be found as PageRage) is a browser extension that allows users to personalize their Facebook layouts by changing the theme, layout and similar things. This browser extension is detected as adware or browser hijacker by some antivirus companies because it displays annoying pop-up advertisements every time user starts browsing on the Internet. Besides, in most of the cases it gets installed on the PC with other applications without proper user’s permission asked. As soon as it does that, PageRage integrates its ads into the Facebook’s profile and also starts showing different kinds of banners. If you haven’t installed this program manually, we recommend eliminating PageRage from your computer. Continue reading

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Remove YoutubeBookmark

What is YoutubeBookmark?

YoutubeBookmark is a browser plugin which is known to be distributed through bundled downloads or other unreliable sources such as If you have obtained this program not from its official website, there is a huge possibility that you might end up with different malicious software on your system. It would be the best that you erase YoutubeBookmark from your computer; however, if you are eager to keep it, you should use it very cautiously. Continue reading

Searchdwebs Removal

What is Searchdwebs?

Searchdwebs is a potentially unwanted program which may also be recognized as a browser hijacker. The application may come bundled with free browser plugins, and once activated it may change the home page of existing browsers to Even though this search engine is not considered malicious, you definitely need to act cautious if you choose to use it for web surfing. As researchers have discovered, all searches performed through this particular search engine are provided by yet another engine – Therefore, even though this search tool may seem useful and reliable at first, you are bound to suspect something stranger sooner or later. Do you want to remove Searchdwebs from your web browsers? Then continue reading to learn all you need to know. Continue reading

Remove Savings Bull

How Remove SavingsBullFilter and Savings Bull Ads? (Adware Removal Guide)

Annoyed by the Savings Bull ads and continuous pop-up window from various strange websites? Want to figure out why you are seeing these ads and want to find out how to rid your internet browser of ads by Savings Bull? Then read on. Continue reading

Remove is a browser hijacker and it interferes with the way you browse the Internet. The most common symptom of this infection is forceful redirecting to malware-related websites. You will also see toolbar installed on your browser. It is supposed to help you browse the Internet, but the reality is that more often than not redirects you to suspicious websites you should actually avoid. Continue reading

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Remove JollyWallet

Remove JollyWallet virus (Removal Guide)

If you are seeing in-text and pop-up advertisements from JollyWallet within Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, then your computer is infected with an adware or a potentially unwanted program. The JollyWallet infection is designed specifically to make money. It generates web traffic, collects sales leads for other dubious sites, and will display advertisements and sponsored links within your web browser. Continue reading

RunDLL Error Message/Background Container.dll

What is RunDLL Error Message/Background Container.dll?

Have you heard of RunDLL Error Message/Background Container.dll? This is a RunDLL warning related to the potentially existing Background Container.dll. This is a dynamic link library file which you may have acquired when downloading applications created by Conduit Ltd. As researchers have discovered, the suspicious warning message is presented only if you fail to delete Conduit software successfully. Therefore, if every time you launch your browser you find a pop-up stating that there was a problem staring BackgroundContainer.dll, you need to make sure that all Conduit related applications are removed from the operating system. This will get RunDLL Error Message/Background Container.dll deleted from your operating system as well. Continue reading

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Windows AntiBreach Tool

How to remove Windows AntiBreach Tool virus (Removal Guide)

Windows AntiBreach Tool is a computer virus, which masquerades as genuine security software, while actually reporting non-existent malware threats in order to scare the user into paying for this rogue security software. Continue reading