Computer Security Threats

Computer security threats are relentlessly inventive. Masters of disguise and manipulation, these threats constantly evolve to find new ways to annoy, steal and harm. Arm yourself with information and resources to safeguard against complex and growing computer security threats and stay safe online. Continue reading

Delta Homes Removal

What is Delta-Homes?

Delta-Homes is a browser hijacker which can change the home page of your browsers to delta-homes.com, and make it extremely difficult to restore the modified settings. Even though the infection has been discovered in the summer of 2013, it still continues corrupting web browsers. Have you yet to discover this malicious threat on your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers? According to Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, the infection affects browsers on those operating systems which are not guarded by reliable security software. Therefore, if you do not want to worry about Delta-Homes removal, we recommend that you click the download button and install a legitimate malware remover which will keep your PC guarded against all threats. What if the hijacker has already been infiltrated? Continue reading to learn how to delete the malicious computer infection. Continue reading

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isearch.omiga-plus.com Removal

isearch.omiga-plus.com is a potentially unwanted search engine, which may show up on your browser one day. Typically, users agree to replace their default search engine or start page when they download freeware on their computers. In order to be sure that you are not allowing third party software on your computer, you have to be attentive to installation process of freeware, shareware and similar programs. If you noticed isearch.omiga-plus.com on your computer, we don’t recommend leaving it there because it mostly returns altered search results. That means it promotes related websites and seeks to make people visit them against their will. That’s how it may redirect you to insecure website, which may be infected with malware. Continue reading

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Remove Webssearches.com

webssearches.com may seem like an invincible browser hijacker; however, there is a way to delete this tremendously intrusive infection from the affected Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. If you do not delete the threat, there is a great chance that more security backdoors will be exposed to infiltrate other dangerous computer infections. Even if this does not happen, you will not be able to run your browsers normally until you remove webssearches.com hijacker. Do you want to learn how? Then continue reading. Continue reading

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Sweet-page.com Removal

Sweet-page.com is an untrustworthy search engine, which returns altered search results, initiates browser’s redirections, displays continuous commercials and causes similar issues for its users. In most of the cases, it does that after taking over the start page and default search engine on all Internet browsers that are installed on the system. Continue reading